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Welcome to VocVoice.org, the website of Queens Vocational & Technical High School's student newspaper, Vocational Voice.  The paper is produced by a senior journalism class and other student-volunteers, and is funded by the school administration. 

The Purpose
The purpose of Vocational Voice is to report current news of interest to our students and staff, to provide the school community with information concerning school news and events, and to provide journalism experience for the students enrolled in the class.

Our Mission
Our mission is to produce a quality newspaper that accurately reports on the activities that take place at Queens Voc, as well as news about Queens Voc students and staff.   The newspaper staff aims to create an informative and entertaining newspaper that focuses on issues important to our high school community.  The newspaper will also serve as a medium for student opinions and ideas. Our staff strives to produce objective, well-balanced, and accurate content that features a range of students and their viewpoints.

Our goals:

  • to cover diverse subjects and diverse opinions.  Story topics are developed by students, but staff members are encouraged to submit ideas as well.
  • to represent all groups at school and try to hear all students' voices.
  • to avoid bias by not allowing reporters to report about organizations and activities in which they are involved
  • to handle stories with tact, integrity, and respect.
  • to contact all parties involved and make sure all sides are represented.
  • to publish all letters to the editor, or segments thereof, no matter how critical.
  • to avoid mistakes, and to print corrections in the subsequent issue.
  • to make correct student identifications and to spell names correctly. We correct all our mistakes in subsequent issues.


  • will not publish anonymous quotes, stories, or letters.
  • will not publish any material determined by student editors to be libelous, obscene, materially disruptive of the education process, an unwarranted invasion of privacy, a violation of copyright, or that promotes illegal services or products (as defined by state or federal law).
  • will print commentaries by our staff members, but the views they present necessarily those of the newspaper staff.  Opinions will be published on designated pages or otherwise marked.  Editorials, representing the editorial board will not include by-lines.
  • encourage the submission of articles, art work, and drawings by our fellow students, but reserve the right to decide what we ultimately print.
  • encourage the submission of Letters to the Editor, and will print them, but only if they are signed.  Letters should be short and free of "bashing" or obscenity.  VocVoice staff reserves the right to edit letters for length, grammar, punctuation and unacceptable content.  Letters to the Editor should be submitted to the advisor or e-mailed to Letters@VocVoice.org.
  • refuse to print criticism that is not constructive or not supported by facts.
  • will accept any advertising that does not promote illegal services or products.  The editors and advisor reserve the right to accept or deny any advertisements submitted.
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